Most times on this blog, we report on developments in courts or in the legislature.

But today’s post focuses on something that didn’t happen — namely a bill that didn’t pass — even though it looked almost certain earlier this week.

Indeed, Senate Bill 132 looked to have momentum.

In this political and legal

In speaking to job applicants, interviewers need to be circumspect in what they say. There are questions that can be asked, and there are questions that can create real headaches, as well as liability. A recent case demonstrates how comments in an interview ended up in federal court litigation.

A University hired a woman to

If an employee is an at-will employee, he or she is not entitled to any explanation about the reason for the termination.  Nevertheless, when terminating an employee, most employers sensibly provide the employee with a reason for the termination. In any subsequent litigation, the employer will be required to explain the legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons for

Working understaffed is never easy for managers or the rest of the work force. The concern about getting the work done creates pressures on everyone. When an employee seeks an accommodation under the ADA, many questions arise. A recent case demonstrated what can happen when not working with the requesting employee.

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For those of you with employees in Massachusetts, you need to be aware of two significant changes with respect to pay equity and pregnancy accommodations.  These changes also serve as a reminder to employers that they need to stay focused on disseminating and enforcing policies on harassment of all kinds.

On April 1, 2018, the