As a reminder to Connecticut employers, legislation amending Connecticut’s Pay Equity law that was signed by Governor Malloy this past May becomes effective on January 1, 2019. The new amendment to the Pay Equity law prohibits employers from inquiring about a prospective employee’s wage and salary history unless otherwise required to do so by state or federal law. An employer will not be in violation of the law if a prospective employee voluntarily discloses their wage history prior to any inquiry. Employers may ask about the components of a prospective employee’s prior compensation (e.g., salary, bonus, commission, etc.), but cannot ask questions about the value of the individual components nor the overall amount of prior compensation.

Impermissible inquires may be contained in applications or other recruiting forms or may arise in conversations with prospective employees during the hiring process. Employers should make sure that their recruitment and hiring forms do not call for responses from applicants on the amount of compensation they received in prior positions. Further, managers, recruiters and other employees involved in the hiring process should be made aware of these requirements for the New Year in order to insure compliance. As this new requirement is but one of many laws that prohibit certain inquires in your hiring documents and questions to prospective employees, now is an excellent time for employers to conduct an overall review of their hiring process to ensure a Happy New Year for hiring.