The COVID-19 pandemic has made decision-making for employers feel urgent. Each headline of new cases and new restrictions screams “action”; however, perspective and thoughtfulness are qualities that will serve us all well as we navigate daily challenges.

Our firm is part of Interlaw, Ltd. — a group of law firms from around the world that helps each other, both in times of need for our clients or otherwise. To that end, Interlaw sponsored a webinar earlier this week featuring employment lawyers from South Korea, China, UK, Germany and Norway. Our own employment attorney Dan Schwartz joined to both moderate and provide the perspective from the United States. The discussion centered around how each country is handling the pandemic and how lawyers and employers are managing through the crisis. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the replay here.

The insights gained from others sharing their experiences and wisdom from around the globe are helpful to employers grappling with difficult decisions during this challenging time. Presenters discussed issues including:

  • How employers are managing to maintain operations when an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Whether employers are encouraging sick employees to stay home
  • While some jurisdictions have governmental benefits that may apply, how others are having to readjust their own company policies

The issues we face in the United States have echoed around the world. Although not all of the solutions are applicable here, the discussion allows us all to consider what is possible from a global perspective.